Training Grounds- December 2013

Pet Tricks

This month’s pet tricks are more of games than tricks but they do help to practice tricks with your pet, besides they are fun and a great way to exercise! You are going to play both hide & seek as well as Simon Says.

•Your pet

•A few friends, parents, or siblings (Theses are not required but suggested for more fun).

•Some treats (if your pet needs them)

Hide & Seek

1. Gather all your supplies and head outside for a game of hide & seek, you may want to do it inside until your pet is used to it or you can trust him/her outside without a leash. It may also be best if you do this a few times with just you and your pet and then add other friends.

2. Chose a place where the ‘it’ will ‘count’ and tell your pet to sit/stay. Remember that this is a different kind of hide & seek and your pet will always be it… though I suppose you could try to get him/her to hide using the same technique.

3. Continue to tell your pet to stay while you go and hide behind a tree, the couch, or whatever you can think of.

4. As you are telling your dog to stay also add the word ‘hide’.

5. Wait a few moments in your hiding place (you can vary the time as your pet gets used to this game) and then say “Come, Seek!” and reward your pet with treats.

6. You can add some people once you think your pet is ready and start making it more fun! Your pet will love the attention!

Simon Says

1. Have you ever played Simon says? For this game you will need to know how; if not you can email us and ask us. Gather your supplies (this time friends are suggested)

2. Chose one person to be ‘Simon’. It might be best if you or someone who knows your pet and has done tricks with it before starts out as ‘Simon’.

3. Now you know how this is usually played and there is only one difference: Your dog is playing so You have to only use the tricks you pet knows such as sit, lay down, roll over, etc.

4. You will have to excuse your pet when they do it even though you don’t say ‘Simon Says’ but other than that play as usual!