Tasty Turn/ Reader’s Recipe Page- How to make cinnamon, chocolate campfire apples

Tasty Turn– How to make cinnamon, chocolate campfire apples

These apples can be made in either a campfire or the oven and are very delicious. Special thanks to Heather Willoughby for helping with this. We chose this recipe because the first of December is eat a red apple day!


•1 apple per person

•ground cinnamon




Other things needed:
•Access to an Oven or Campfire

•If you are using the oven you might want to be able to use a stone, cookie sheet, or other pan-ish thing the same shape.

•Some tinfoil

•An apple corer (optional, but suggested)

•Tongs if you are doing them in your campfire

There are several ways to do this. They all end up tasting pretty much the same… good! The pictures we took are for making each of the apples individually, as many as you want; but you can make a whole pan full by following the same direction below, both ways are explained. If you don’t have an apple corer you should do it the whole pan full way. If you are doing it in a campfire you should do it the individual way. But you can also do it the individual way in the oven too.

1. First, if you are making each apple individually, put one apple on some tinfoil.

2. If you are doing the apples individually cut the apple with the corer but don’t cut all the way down, stop with a little left uncut at the bottom. If you are doing it the pan way, cut all the apples you are using into pieces and put them in your pan.


3. Put a little bit of butter in/on the apple(s).

4. Sprinkle some cinnamon and some sugar on/in the apples. You can experiment with cinnamon and sugar depending on your taste preferences.