Real Life Stories- December 2013

Real Life stories
This is a new page where we have special guests write ‘real life  stories’ that have helped them or will help you. I hope you enjoy this page! Please tell us what you think.

Cerealby a 12-year-old girl

One morning My siblings and I were making breakfast. It was my brother’s job to make the cereal. we normally used small white bowls but only one was clean that morning, and so we had to use some of our bigger bowls too. My brother measured in the little bowl how much we usually had and dumped it into one of the big bowls so we could see where to fill it to in the bigger bowls. He then guessed where to fill the rest to based on the one he had measured. When he was finished I noticed that he gave himself the one that had been measured. I switched to bowls because I was worried that he might have given one of the other bowls too much or too little. This of course was selfish and I was thinking only of myself, but at the moment i didn’t think he would care. he did. He switched them back. And the bowls continued to switch places as we finished our other jobs before we ate. finally one for us gave up and just took the bowl and planned on holding on to it until it was time to eat. obviously there was some arguing and my brother ended up with the bowl in his hand I chased him around the house until I ended up somehow licking the cereal inside the bowl so Ta-da now he wouldn’t even want the cereal in that bowl and it was mine I could eat it. Our Dad came into the room at that moment and, upon hearing the story exclaimed how foolish and silly we had been, particularly me. Now I realize with embarrassment that he was right and am ashamed at what i’d done. It didn’t really matter at all. By now It wouldn’t have mattered at all except now I am left with the memory of this very selfish and foolish thing I’ve done. I actually remember it more than if I made the right choice because I did not respond correctly. I hope you learn from my mistake and don’t make the same or a similar one.

Running to the Goal– By another 12-year-old Girl

One day during a hot and tiring day of P.E., our coach told us to run 3 long laps around the ‘running circle’ in front of our school. Running is my least favorite thing to do in the world. Running to me is boring because you aren’t really doing much and I’m not very passionate about it. You’re just moving and aren’t doing anything with your brain. But then I looked at the “Big picture” and thought ‘Jesus had to do much harder things than what I’m doing. I’m complaining and Jesus never complained once while doing much harder things. I need to rejoice and thank God for giving me two healthy and moveable legs to run on.’ After thinking this, It didn’t really change how I liked running, but it helped me finish my running with a joyful heart. I know I will never like running but that’s because God didn’t make me to be a runner. I just finished running to get it over with but I know that it will come back to tempt me another day. Just remember that you can’t get out of doing things so just do it because you love Jesus and because the things we think are hard, aren’t actually as hard as what Jesus went through. Colossians 3:23 says ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.’

I hope that next time you complain about something, you will look at the ‘big picture’ and think differently just like I did.

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