More About the Subs Challenge

Subs Challenge

Looking at the title of this page, you may be thinking ‘What Does the challenge have to do with sandwiches?’. But no, subs is short for subscribers in this case. As you know, we have been trying to get 50 subscribers and we finally reached that goal in early November. We are so excited, so thank-you everyone for subscribing and for any other help . So this month our challenge is a fun way to encourage you to get your friends and family to subscribe to Th!nk.

First Th!nk…

•Who do I know that needs to hear the message of Christ?

•Who do I know that wants to grow in their relationship with Christ?

•Who do I know that would like Th!nk and benefit from it?

•Who do I know that could spread the word of Th!nk?

Now Invite…

What you will be doing for this challenge is inviting your friends and family to subscribe to Th!nk. Whichever subscriber gets the most people to subscribe will get an ‘About the Contest Winner’ page about them and a shout-out. If you get 6 or more subscribers for us, then you automatically are a winner. There maybe a lot of winners next month. I almost forgot to tell you that the authors will also be participating as well. I hope we have a fun, competition friendly contest.

If you would like us to send you a Subscriber Invitation so that you can email it to your friends, just tell us and we can email you one. By the 28th of December, you will need to tell us who you invited to subscribe and we can tell you if they subscribed. You can also ask them to look at our website where the can click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button. Wouldn’t it be cool if all 50+ subscribers each got just 1 friend to subscribe? That means that we would have 100+ subscribers which would be amazing. Please notice how important getting subscribers is to us. I’m very excited to see who will win.