Game Page- December 2013

Game Page


Q: How does the gingerbread man make his bed?

A: With cookie sheets!

Q: Mama snowman was cutting carrots for a soup for the dinner of her kids and husband. Soon her husband came up to her and guess what he said?

A: Honey, have you seen my nose?

Q: What did the fuzzy scarf say to the wooly hat?

A: I’ll hang around while you go on ahead.

Thank you to Abigail who is a part of our Illustrations Team. She drew the pictures going along with these jokes.

Close up pics:

This month we decided to try something new. Thank you to the friend that gave us the idea. In our life, sometimes we don’t understand why God lets certain circumstances happen. Often we don’t understand because we are too busy looking at the smaller picture, we can only see what is happening now. We don’t see what God does see, we don’t see how this certain thing might help us or benefit us or others later. For a specific example keep reading in Life’s Application, and True life stories. For this game there are some close up pictures below, see if you can guess what they are! Answers are at the bottom.


These are what the pictures above are, going from top left to top right and bottom left to bottom right; a tire , a bulletin board, a leaf, a broom, a waterfall post card, an earring, a room in a dollhouse, and a shell.