Crafty Corner- How to make a paper snowflake

Crafty Corner

Learn how to make a paper snowflake that is easy, even for beginners. Hopefully you will be able to make something that looks somewhat like a snowflake that you can use and have snow even when there is no snow outside! Just tape it to a window!

What you Need:

  • a piece of paper
  • scissors

1. Take a square piece of white paper and fold it in half making a triangle.

2. Next, fold it in half again just like in step 1.

3. I don’t know how to explain this next step but you then fold your paper triangle almost in half but down. Please look at the picture below to better understand what I’m talking about.

4. Next, fold the other part of the paper triangle over it. It should look like the picture below.

5. Now, cut off the hanging triangular-like part so that your paper looks like a cone.

6. Then cut your cone in the desired shape. An idea could be like the one below. You may want to try different ideas to see what you think looks best.


7. Unfold your cone and you have your finished snowflake. If you did it the way I did in number 6 then it should look like this:



I hope this craft worked for you!