Book Look- The Pilgrim’s Progress

Book Look

The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan is a fun and adventurous story for most ages. The reason why is because it comes in different versions that are easier or more difficult to understand. I read the ‘today’s modern English’ version and understood the entire story. This story is about a man named Christian who journeys to the Celestial City (heaven) to release his burden (the knowledge of sin). He realizes his burden from reading his Bible. So basically this book is about what happens to him on his journey. Will Christian make it to the Celestial City? Will his burden be released? What will happen on his way?

I would definitely recommend reading this book because of the author’s written curiosity and Godly influence in it. This book is a great example of showing all of us the desperate need for God in this world full of those who don’t. There is also a second half to this book which talks about his wife’s(Christiana) and their four sons’ journey to follow Christian.

Another book I recommend is Tritor in the Tower by Dave Jackson Go to:  to get this book from your library to read.
This book talks about a boy working for his jailkeeper uncle, Richard Winslow befriends the imprisoned John Bunyan(who is the authors of Pilgrim’s Progress). But betraying his new friend may be the only way to free Richard’s own father from prison!