Life’s Application- Looking at the Big Picture- Parts 1 and 2


Life’s Application Part 1

“For the last time puh-lease don’t just throw stuff in the middle of my room! If you really have no idea where it goes put it neatly on my bed,” Sydney said, exasperated. Her brother Daniel ignored her and folded his paper airplane in half. The two were still in the middle of their argument a few minutes later so they didn’t hear Daisy, their little sister coming into the room. Daisy was three years old. Sydney gave up and stomped off to her room. Uggh! she thought to herself, I just can’t stand it!


Later that evening when dinner was finished, Daisy witnessed another argument (this time whispered) over whose job was whose. It stopped when Daisy suddenly offered, “I’ll cwean the fwoor,” Daniel was just about to tell her why she couldn’t do it when Sydney interrupted, “I still think it’s your job but oh well I will do it.!,”


Sydney finished the job in less time than when they’d argued about it; and was just now walking down the hall after her shower. She hesitated outside of Daisy’s room and smiled. Daisy was playing with some dolls. Sydney stopped to listen just outside her sister’s door, which was slightly ajar. “That’s mine!,” She heard Daisy say in one voice; and then in another voice she said, “No! Your’s is over there, “But that one’s bigger!, “Well I am bigger!,” “no your not,” this doll argument went on for some time when suddenly Sydney realized that the dolls were re-playing an argument from earlier in the week between Daniel and Sydney. Oh no! Not little Daisy! Sydney thought with horror. Not sweet, innocent little Daisy! It’s all my fault, I’ve been such a bad example to both her and Daniel. It was my fault. I enjoyed teasing him! I drew him into my arguments and foolish frustrations! Oh no. Sydney walked back to her room. Oh how, Oh how do I change this?


After much prayer full of admitting her sin and asking forgiveness that night Sydney finally came to a decision. “My Father in heaven, I have sinned. I am so sorry. Thank you for your unfailing love and forgiveness! Oh Jesus Thank you. I am not perfect and I know I can never be, but you are and please help me to slowly change and improve and become more like you,” Sydney prayed from her heart as she fell asleep.


The next morning instead she greeted her family as she saw them. At breakfast she took a deep breath and said, “I am sorry for the way i’ve been acting recently. I have been quick to become agitated and angry. Will you please forgive me. And Daniel, Please forgive me for my bad attitude about our chores last night. I was wrong and you were right,” Daisy beamed at her and said immediately, “I fworgib oo!,” Daniel half smiled and said, “I knew you’d realize that soon enough. Apology accepted. Don’t forget that in the future,”

Sydney opened her mouth to protest but caught herself just in time. She knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but she was up to the challenge as long as God was helping her.

Apply it. . .

  1. Think about it. What really matters? Did it really matter who did what job that night with Sydney and Daniel. Not really. Would it have mattered in 20 years? 10? 5? No. Try to remember that, if you do it really helps!

  1. Think of times when you could have reacted much differently having thought of what really matters.

  1. What can you do to look at the ‘big picture’?

  1. How can you help others look at the ‘big picture’?

Life’s Application part 2

Lauren was walking down the hall of her new school. She and her family had just moved from a small town in Colorado. Lauren and her older sister had been going to their new school for one week already and they were starting their second week. “Meet you at the picnic tables after school!,” Her older sister called and turned down a different hallway. Lauren smiled as she watched her sister walk away. She turned her head just in time to narrowly avoid slamming into a boy walking the opposite direction. He suddenly dropped all his paper and book, which looked very un-organized. “Look what you made me do!,” He spluttered, “Why don’t you look where you’re going next time!,” Lauren stared, She was sure she hadn’t made him drop his books, he’d dropped them much later than when she’d ran into them, “I am so sorry! Are you okay? Here let me help you pick up your books!,” was all she said though. Later, as she was walking to the picnic tables you suddenly heard, “Look, there’s the klutzy girl, ha ha,” the boy she’d run into was joined in laughter by a group of his friends. Lauren’s sister ran up, “Don’t say anything, just keep walking. That’s Ron one of the worst bullies in the school,” She whispered through clenched teeth.Lauren nodded and said nothing. Ron kept up his teasing though and Lauren and her sister started praying for him everyday. One day when the two girls found out they were moving again, Lauren mustered her courage and walked right up to Ron. “Have you ever heard of Jesus?,” She asked. Lauren proceeded to tell him who Jesus was and all the rest. When she finished she looked at Ron expectantly. He shifted his feet nervously, “You’re wierd.” he announced and walked off.


Twelve years later, Lauren was putting a bandage on the skinned knee of her niece when her phone rang. “Hello?,” Lauren said. “Hi… this is Ron,” there was a pause and then in a rush the person on the other end said excitedly, “I don’t know if you remember me, it was hard to get a hold of your phone number. I just wanted to let you know that I now know Jesus as my savior… I just want to thank you for the example you were to me and… how much God used you in changing me for him,” “Ron? Ummm… that sounds like great news but… who exactly is this…?,” Lauren asked, confused. “I am the boy who constantly teased you in middle school, and the one who you always turned the other cheek to.” Ron explained.

(Based on true stories)

Apply it…

  • Even if you can’t see how acting like Christ will do anything to help an annoying boy at school now, it might be a very influencing opportunity to be a light to others.

  • How can you be a Christian and a light around others at school, work, etc.?

  • Think of a time when you did or could have brought someone to Christ by being a good example? The next time you’re in this situation, remember to act like Christ.