Book Look-The Pineapple Story


Book Look

This month for book look we are going to look at The Pineapple Story by Bill Gothard & Otto Koning. This month, we are focusing on meekness and this story is a great demonstration on how to be meek… to God; how you can give up your ‘rights’ to him and let him be in control of your life. You can get the book somewhere (like maybe the library or the bookstore) and read it, but we also recommend watching him (Otto Koning) tell this story of how God worked in his life and taught him (you can watch this on YouTube, but be aware that the video is about 45 min.). This is the story of how Otto Koning went as a missionary to a people whose life revolved around thieving. This story focuses on Otto when these people took ‘his’ pineapples. As you read (or watch) this story think about what it is you have that you have said is yours and you’ve said God can’t have it. What is separating you from God, that you are putting as more important than God’s purposes and plans? Do you know what it is? Well, now, are you willing to give it to God to say “God this is yours, please forgive me for this bad attitude of mine.” like Otto finally learned to do after many mistakes, frustrations,and hardships? Are you willing to give the control of this thing to God, knowing that once you have it will instead of wishing you had it back you will be glad that God is in control and that he understands and that he will do the best thing.