Crafty Corner-Create Your Own Sports T-Shirt


Crafty Corner

Create Your Own Sports T-Shirt


  • Plain T-shirt, color Of your choice

  • Fabric Scissors

  • Dimensional Fabric Paint (The brand we used was TULIP)

  • Access to a Sharpie or other writing tool

  1. First you may want to put newspaper under the shirt, I doubt any of your paint will get on your workspace, but it’s better to be safe then sorry.

  1. I don’t think it matters what side you start on, but I started on the front of the t-shirt. Ok you are going to draw the outlines with a sharpie of what you are going to paint first. On The front I wrote Florida Gators (Thats where I got the color scheme from too) and above where I wrote Florida Gators I wrote my favorite number, 05.

  1. Now get your fabric paint and trace your sharpie outlines(fill them in if you want but I didn’t). It is easier if you start from the top and go to the bottom so you don’t rest your arm in wet paint and smudge it.

  1. Let your paint dry for a while, depending on how thick you made your paint lines this process may be slow or quick.

  2. Once your paint is completely dry flip to the back side. You will do the same thing with writing what you are going to paint first, but I wrote something different on the back, I still wrote my favorite number 05 but above it I wrote Th!nk, you can write whatever you want(On most real jersey’s it will say the players last name there so you could write your last name their if you don’t mind people seeing it when you go out in public) but on the back side I did not write Florida Gators, but you can totally do whatever you want.

  3. Now repeat step 3.

How did your Sports Tee turn out?