Behind the Scenes-Q&A for Authors

Behind the Scenes

Last month, we asked you to send in your questions for the authors. This month, they are going to answer some of them.

Q: What are your favorite colors? This is for all the authors to answer.

A: Grace’s favorite colors are… Neon Green, Neon Yellow and Neon Orange Sara’s favorite colors are… Green, Purple… I also like Blue and Tan; and Ainsley’s favorite colors are Green, Pink, and Blue.

Q: This is for Grace, who is your favorite singer?

A: I really like to listen to Taylor Swift.

Q: Sara- What is your favorite thing to do besides Th!nk or school?

A: I enjoy reading, writing, and (when it’s not too hot) playing sports and stuff outside. I have read all of the ‘Book Look’ books we’ve done and many more. Recently I finished reading the Lord Of the Rings by: J.R.R. Tolkien. Right now I am reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. I also like to play with my siblings and our dog.

Q: Ainsley, what is something unique about you that not a lot of people know?

A: I been playing flute for about 1 ½ years. Soon I am going to be playing ‘In Christ Alone’ on my flute in chapel at school. I think I’m pretty good at it considering that it’s a hard instrument to play.

I also am 75% German so each year for the past 16 years my family has our own Oktoberfest at our house.We even dress up and do the ‘Chicken Dance’. This is only possible because we have a huge backyard.

Q: Authors- Who does what pages for the magazine?

A: We do different pages every time, but there are some pages that we each do every month. Sara normally does Life’s Application,and most often does Book Look, Grace normally does G.A.C., and Ainsley normally does Life’s Instruction, the front page, and the table of contents. We all do the other pages or we switch who does what. We all edit and add to all of them. We also step in and try to finish everything in time.

Q: How do you pick the colors for your magazines?

A: We mostly choose colors depending on the holidays in the month. We sometimes do other color themes (like for this month) when we have good color ideas.It is always fun to choose colors, it helps make the magazine more enjoyable.

Q: How did you guys meet each other?

A: A brief story is that Sara met Ainsley at church, though she doesn’t go there anymore. And then Sara met Grace at a home school group campout; they went kayaking together. Sara and Ainsley were doing a girls and moms group with some others, but some of the girls were no longer able to do it anymore and Sara’s mom told Grace’s mom about it… and so I am sure you can guess the rest. Ainsley met Grace because of that at a pool party for the girls group. But you can read  more about how we started on our ‘How We Started’ page on our website.

Q: Sara, How many Countries or states have you ever visited?

A: I have visited outside of the airport or just driving through Hawaii, Louisiana, Arizona, and Tennessee. Again outside of the airport I have also visited New Zealand. I have lived both in the U.S.A. and in South Korea. I have driven through and flew to many, many other places such as Japan. I think I also visited a state…. I am not sure which one… When I was a baby. I am very glad that I’ve been privileged to have already in my life been to so many places! I think that my favorite place I remember visiting was New Zealand.

If you have any other questions for the authors please put them in a comment.

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