Life’s Application-Meekness

Life’s Application

“Sammy? Are you doing anything right now? Could you please clean the table? Rick forgot to do it and he has to leave for baseball in five minutes, I am dropping him off because Dad is working late.” Sammy’s Mom called from the laundry room.

“But that is his job, why do I have to do it? Besides, all Rick was doing was looking out his window!” thought Sammy, but out loud all she said was, “Okay, just a minute!”. Soon she was furiously scrubbing the table. “Oh why? Why Lord do I have to do this? I can’t. I just can’t. It’s not like I have a bunch of extra time! I still have homework to do and I have to write that article for the class newspaper; but I haven’t stopped since I go home! First I had to clean up the remains of the glass snack bowl that baby Charlotte dropped, then there was the usual chores to do…” Her list went on and on. By the time Sammy finished the table and finished her chores, and her homework it was time for dinner which her mom had prepared after dropping Rick off. “How was your day honey?” Her mom asked as they ate. Sammy started to answer but was interrupted by Charlotte who, after her crying proceeded to spill her juice all over the ground. Sammy never got her chance to tell how her day went. Since Sammy’s mom was busy cleaning up the juice she asked Sammy to clean up the dishes. That night after cleaning the dishes and a hot shower, Sammy cried herself to sleep, as I am sure many of us would do in her situation.


Sammy awoke early as was her habit so that she could have a few quiet minutes to herself before everyone else woke up. As she dressed she prayed, “Lord, Thank you for today, please help me to use it wisely.” When she finished changing into her bright pink shirt and a gray skirt, Sammy sat on her bed and opened her Bible. She found her bookmark and started reading.

Matthew 5: 3-5– Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

“Father, yesterday I was poor in spirit. It wasn’t easy to serve meekly, it hurt. I’m afraid that I wasn’t truly meek at all. Lord I wasn’t worthy to be called you daughter, I am not worthy now nor will I ever be. I am sorry. Thank you that you are ever forgiving. Oh thank you so much for that! Oh please help me to change, I give it to you as I cannot do it alone.” Suddenly Sammy realized that everyone else was awake down stairs. “Sammy?? Are you awake? Could you please come help me with breakfast, today we are toasting waffles!” Sammy heard her Mom call. “Coming, sounds yummy!” She replied cheerfully. Squaring her shoulders Sammy whispered, “Here I go, Lord please help me…. No here WE go!”. Sammy went down stairs and apologized for her bad attitude she’d had.


By the end of the day Sammy had managed to mess up and make mistakes many times, but that night instead of crying, she fell asleep praying for help, asking God to take away her rights when she had not the strength to give them away to him. Also. she managed that day to get a NIV Study Bible verse ‘stuck’ in her head…

Do everything without grumbling or arguing,

Philippians 2:14

Quiz yourself:

  • Sammy was having trouble giving her energy and time to God and letting him be in control; what are you keeping away from God? Not letting him be in control? Is it time or energy like Sammy? Or is it ‘Your’ space, reputation, clothes, toys, friends, family, body, glory, or heart?

  • What steps could you take to give it (whatever it is… maybe even there are more than one ‘its’) to God? Make a list of your ‘rights’ that you want to give to God and then pray and give them to God every morning when you wake up. Be quick to repent when you catch yourself doing things and not letting God be in control.

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