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photo by Stuart Miles and

photo by Stuart Miles and

October’s Monthly Survey

Check back here next month to see the results

September’s Monthly Survey Results

We asked you: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Results we got from you: 50% Spend time with family & 50% Play with an electronic

Contest Page

Last month, we asked to see our readers’ works of art! The winner got to have their drawing on the cover of this month’s magazine. This month’s contest is to write a story, short story or caption that goes along with her picture. The artist of the picture will decide which story(short story or caption) goes the best with her picture. The winner will get their story published in the November 2013 Edition of Th!nk Magazine plus a shout out. To participate, you can  post a comment on our website letting us know you would like to participate. We appreciate all entries!

Crazy Calender

This month is Adopt a shelter Dog month.  You may not be able to do anything for this (some  families may  not be very pleased) but it is a good thought. Maybe you could make toys and give them to shelter dogs. This month is also National Vegetarian Month and National Pizza Month. Something you could  do  is Get Organized Week  which happens to be  the first week of October.

  • The 2nd of October is Name your Car day, so be creative. I know you can come up with some great names!!

  • The 5th is both Do Something Nice day and World Teachers day .

  • The 7th is World smile day :):):):)

  • The 8th of October is American Touch Tag Day …so wherever you are you can  go outside and play tag.. no matter your age!

  • The 9th is Curious Events day I’m curious to know what you are going to do for this holiday!

  • The 11th is Take your Teddy Bear to work day. Even though some of you aren’t adults and don’t work you could take it to school with you… if it is small it could fit in your backpack, otherwise it might be difficult. You adults, though, could still take your teddy bear to work, and dress him/her up for the occasion!

  • The 14th is National Dessert day.. yummy!! I don’t have to say anything else.

  • The 21st of October is National Pumpkin Cheesecake day yummy again! Try making your own.  A good place to go for a recipe is

  • Looks like spaghetti for dinner today… the 25th is World Pasta day.

  • The 30th is National Candy Corn day yum… for the third time!

Announcements Page

  • We need you to help us come up with names for our Interview Page and Pet Tricks Page. So if you have any ideas for either one, please leave a comment on this page.

  • For the month of October we have a challenge for you. Those who wish to participate will try to read Isaiah 41 everyday for the month of October. I will be trying my best to read it everyday too. As you read it and you see God working in your life feel free to share it with us in an email with the subject ‘Isaiah 41 Challenge’. Then, at the end of every week I will send out an email including (if the person sharing wants to) some of the testimonies of how God is working in other Isaiah 41 reader’s lives. To participate please notify us and you will receive emails on Isaiah 41 Challenge Updates. It is never too late to join. For information on how I picked Isaiah 41 continue reading!

  • Keep inviting your friends and family to become subscribers. If you would like us to email you a Subscriber Invitation to send to your friends or family, just tell us. Once we get our 50th subscriber, every subscriber will be automatically entered in a raffle to get a $5 Chic-fil-A gift card! The 50th subscriber and the winner of the gift card will get a shout out in the closest magazine edition.