G.A.C.(God’s Amazing Creation)

G.A.C.(God’s Amazing Creation)

Sumatran Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris sumatrae

Weight: 165-310 lbs.

Life Span: In the wild, 10-15 years, in captivity, 16-20 years

Where They Live: Indonesian island of sumatra


The Sumatran Tiger has darker fur color and has darker stripes than the Javan tiger.

Sumatran tigers have more stripes than other tiger species. Males are about 87 to 89 inches in length. Females are around 85-91 inches in length. their skulls are 11.6-13.2 inches long.


Sumatran Tigers are critically endangered. There are less than 400 alive. Their population is going down because the forests they live in are being cut down.

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