This month, Learn about adoption from a lady who has adopted a little girl who is almost 18 months. November is Adoption Month so we decided to do an interview on adoption. Read about Mrs. Darbi Mill’s adventure with adoption!

Q: Th!nk-Why did you decide to adopt?

A: Darbi– For us it really was a realization that there are so many children throughout the world who do not have a mom and dad. Then God began to open our eyes to see many things in the Bible that speak of how we are to take care of the orphans primarily in  James 1:27. The best way to take care of orphans is either by fostering or adopting. God really put it on our hearts to welcome a child into our family so we could rescue and provide for that child.

Q: Th!nk– What have you learned through the adoption process?

A: Darbi– We have learned how dear the process of adoption is to God. He first adopted us into His family. He went through the process of sacrificing His own Son so that we could be adopted as his sons and daughters. It has really opened my eyes to see how much God loves us. There’s no better way to reflect the process of our heavenly adoption.

Q: Th!nk-How has God used your family’s journey?

A: Darbi-We have been blessed with an amazing daughter. She teaches us daily so much about who God is. God uses her in numerous ways in our lives. We look forward to going through another adoption. We have also been blessed with the opportunities to come alongside other families who have been called to adopt. It has been life changing. It has become our primary ministry.

Q: Th!nk-How can I support families who are adopting?

A: Darbi-The two biggest needs are prayer and donating money through various adoption fundraisers. The process can take anywhere from a few months to a few years depending on where the adoption is. A lot of paperwork and issues can arise. Prayer is the best thing you can do to support. Domestic and International adoptions are both very costly. So anything you can do to help with fundraising is very appreciated.