Crazy Braids- Triple-Braided Tieback

Learn how to do the triple-braided tieback

You Will Need:
3 – 7 hair ties

First, part your hair right at you ear tips on both sides. Put any other hair
in a ponytail if you would like.

Next, separate each side into three even pieces and secure each with a hair tie.

Using the one piece of hair you separated, make a simple braid going straight down. It’s length should be as long as it would take to reach the middle of your head. Continue doing this with the other pieces of hair. Now you can take your other hair out of the ponytail now.

Next, take the top pieces and fit it around your head and secure with a hair tie. Then, take the middle braids and do the same but leave a little space between it and the braids above it. Lastly, do the same with the bottom braids and tie them with a hair tie.

We found this hair style at
I would definitely recommend looking at their other hair styles.