Crafty Corner- Make Your Own Rainbow Pumkin

Crafty Corner~ Make your own rainbow pumpkin


  • Old, broken, crayons

  • Scissors

  • A hair dryer

  • A hot glue gun

  • Newspaper

  • Fake pumpkin(we got small white ones) But I’m pretty sure you can use a real one

Note: The pumpkin may say it is flammable(ours did) but the lady at the store said it should be fine as long as you don’t hold the hair dryer too close to the pumpkin.

  1. First lay out some newspaper over your entire work space (this is definitely necessary!)

  2. Now, plug-in the hot glue gun to heat up while you do some of the other steps. Make sure there is a paper plate or something underneath it to make sure no glue drips onto something you don’t want it on.

  3. Take the wrappers off your crayons(this may be easier if you let the crayons soak in water for a couple of minutes) if there is any.

  4. Once your crayons are cut and the glue is ready, start gluing  the crayon pieces all around the top of the pumpkin.  You can do a pattern or  place them randomly… whatever you want. Try to place them the same distance apart though. Be careful not to burn your self with the glue.  You may want to ask your mom or dad for help. If you do  burn yourself quickly put your hand (or whatever you burned) under cool running water. Be generous with the glue because if you don’t put enough some of your crayon pieces may fly off while you are blow drying them.

  5. Now that all of your crayon pieces you are using are glued on the pumpkin, unplug your glue gun and put it back on the paper plate (or whatever you’re using, cardboard works to) to cool down before you put it away.
  6. Plug in your blow dryer and turn it to hot or warm
  7. Start blow drying the crayons, being careful not to get it too close to the crayons so that you don’t get melted crayon on your blow dryer (especially if it is your mom’s or sister’s). When they start to melt and drip, turn your blow dryer in all different directions to create a cool design.  Please take note that once the crayons are almost all the way melted, they may fly off.
  8. After all the crayons are melted, let dry. You can peel the extra glue off with scissors or your nails(one of us used our teeth, but you may not want to do that). If you need to, you can always add more crayons and melt them if you would like.