Pet Tricks

Pet tricks

This month’s pet trick is called peek-a-boo. As well as being cute it is useful for putting leashes, collars, or harnesses on your pet. Before learning this you will want to teach your pet sit, and stay. This trick can be good to learn before you teach your pet to weave through your legs too.
First put your pet in the ‘sit’ position.

Now, telling you pet to stay, turn around so your back is facing your pet.

Releasing your pet from ‘stay’, lure your pet halfway through your legs with a treat saying, “peek-a-boo”

Reward your pet as soon as he/she does what you want.

As your pet begins to go where you want him/her right when you say without you having to lure him/her with a treat begin adding the hand motion: put your hands on your hips.

With practise both you and your pet will soon be experts!

Meet Zoey
Zoey is the pet of one of the authors of this magazine’s families. She is an Australian Labradoodle. Zoey is hypoallergenic. Some of Zoey’s favorite things to do are chasing squirrels, chewing up paper towel rolls, and chasing a little laser light. Zoey is the star of this magazine’s pet tricks section and in the past ones. She is a little over a year old and will be expecting puppies in November or so. Zoey weighs about 24 lbs. She is chocolate colored. WE have to give Zoey a home- haircut about once a month. Otherwise her hair will get to 4in long! With all her fur Zoey gets quite hot and enjoys ice cubes on hot summer day.