Game Page

Game Page

Here is a list of our top 8 favorite free apps and our top 8 favorite payed apps. Hopefully you can download them all in the app store or whatever store you can purchase games in.

The apps below are our favorite free apps:

#1. Minion Rush #2. Candy Crush

#3. Subway surfers #4. The Logos Quiz

#5. VidRhythm #6. Doodle Jump (free)

#7. Video Star #8. VideoFX Live

The apps below are our favorite payed apps:

#1. The Game of Life #2. iMovie

#3. uno #4. Tiny Wings

#5. Extras 4 iMovie #6. Doodle Jump (payed)

#7. Runkeeper #8. Mad Libs (Payed)

Since there are so many days dedicated to food this month (look at Crazy Calendar for the list) we have decided to theme all our jokes about food. Lettuce enjoy the next few minutes by reading them or asking them!

What is one kind of snack that will always surprise you?
A Pop tart!

Why were the little strawberries upset?
Their parents were in a jam!

Why did the boy throw out the butter?
To see a butterfly!

What kind of jokes do vegetables like best?
Corny ones!

Feel free comment your jokes below and your joke might be in one of the next magazines!