Party Planning Page

photo by Salvatore Vuono and

photo by Salvatore Vuono and

Party Planning Page

This is a new page that we just started this month. We will usually do one every June and September since all of the authors either have a birthday in June or September. If you have any ideas for June’s page, we would be glad to hear them. Just email us at:

How to throw your own fun sleepover

Mix our ideas for an exciting sleepover.

Remember to ask an adult first and to always wash your hands before cooking.

Invitations-Evite- Have you ever tried using evite? Basically all you do is create a card online and then email it to your guests. It’s really easy and they have a lot of great cards for any occasion. Go to if you are interested in making one for your next party.

Decorations-Make Chains- Cut strips of paper(you can use colored also)-1 by 7 inch is good. Tape the ends of the first strip together- making a ring of paper. Loop the second strip of paper through the first ring and tape. Keep doing the same thing until you get your desired length.-Decorate balloons- Before blowing up your balloons, use a sharpie and write words of your choice on them. The words could be ‘celebrate’, ‘party’, or ‘congrats’.Whatever you like. Then, blow the balloons up and tie them.

Food, drinks, and dessert – Make Your Own Pizza-You Will Need: bread rolls,tomato paste or pesto, grated cheese, and various toppings(Ham, pineapple, or any others)-What You Do- Give each guest a bread roll and a plate to work on. Cut the bread roll in half and use the flattest side for toppings. Spread on the bread roll tomato paste or pesto, sprinkle grated cheese on top, then add any kind of toppings. Put your pizzas on a baking sheet.Ask an adult to help you cook your pizzas at 400 degrees F for 10-15 minutes(or unless the cheese is melted).Enjoy your pizza!-Make your own chocolate fondue- Microwave chocolate in a microwave safe bowl until it is melted all the way(or you could melt the chocolate in other ways).Prepare ingredients to be dipped in the chocolate such as strawberries, marshmallows,bananas,etc. Next, take skewers or forks and put a strawberry or another favorite on it. Then, stick it in the chocolate and enjoy. You may want to be careful when dipping into the chocolate, it could fall in.-Make your own ice cubes-Have you read last month’s recipe page? If not, it was about making your own flavored ice cubes. I think that would be a great idea for a drink. If you did not receive the recipe and you would like to learn how to make the ice cubes, just email the Th!nk authors.

Crafts-Make your own Sleep Mask-You will need: One 8 by 11 size felt in your favorite design; One 8 by 11 sticky back felt in solid color; elastic band long enough to connect with the mask around the head; fabric markers; sticky back jewels; scissors-What You Do- Use scissors to cut the decorative felt in size needed for each guest.Cut solid color felt one quarter inch smaller to fit inside the other felt piece.Peel adhesive backing and stick to decorative felt. Stitch ends of elastic at opposite sides of mask. Let your guests personalize with markers and sticky back jewels. -Make your own friendship bracelet- For my birthday a couple years ago, I got ‘The Friendship Bracelet Maker’ from a friend. I have really enjoyed making bracelets using it.The bracelets are really simple and easy to make. I would recommend this item as a gift for others or fun activity for yourself/friends.

Games-Make your own Bowling Alley- You will need: 10 plastic water bottles(same size and empty), a tennis ball or a small ball, Dry rice or popping corn, string or masking tape, pen and paper.-What you do- Fill each bottle halfway with dry rice or popping corn and put the cap on tightly. Line up the pins in a triangle shape(like in bowling). Use the masking tape or string along the floor to mark out your alley. Write player’s names on paper so that you’re ready to record their scores. Play bowling(the rules are the same as in real bowling or you can make up your own rules).-Play Hide-n-seek with a twist-Everyone knows how to play hide-n-seek but this version has a twist. There is still a person who is “it” as in the regular hide-n-seek. But the goal of the game is to scare the person who is “it”. So the person who scares “it” the best wins and gets to be “it” in the next round.

Party favors– Candy Buffet-You will need: Different types of candy; Clear glasses to hold the candy;Cups for your guests to take home;(optional)sharpie to write names on the cups;-What you do-Pour candy into the clear glasses. Display the candy for your guests. When guests are leaving let them pick out candy to take home. Put the candy in the cups. You could write their name on their cup. Be creative with what and where you put the candy.- Picture Frame- What you need: writing utensils; paper; container; photo frames for each person; stickers; markers;What you do: If your guests all know each other really well, this is a great idea. Have everyone write their name on a piece of paper and fold into a container. Have each guest draw out a name that isn’t theirs. The name that they draw will be the person they decorate a photo frame for. After each person has decorated a frame for their friend. Take turns giving the frame you decorated to the person whose name you drew. Enjoy your photo frame to take home as a party favor.


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  1. Julya says:

    This is a really good read for me. Must admit that you are one of the coolest bloggers I ever saw. Thanks for posting this informative article.

  2. ainsleyhope12 says:

    Thank-you! It really means a lot when you are 12 years old and don’t really have any idea what you are doing. Do you have any ideas on what the next Party Planning Page could be about?Thank you so much!
    -Th!nk Authors

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