Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes…
Every month we start creating our magazine with a rough draft/ online document, that we all have access to. We start pretty much as soon as we send out the latest magazine. The first page on our rough draft is a list of the pages and sections where we sign up for which parts specific ones of us are doing. We mostly do the same parts each month but sometimes we switch some around. Then, over the next month we each are responsible to get our parts done. Sometimes we all get on the online document at the same time and discuss different things or do specific sections together. Towards the end of the month, all of us work together to finish the magazine, even if its not our page or section. The 28th is normally our deadline for all the pages and articles to be done, and then we start on our final draft. Once we pretty much have everything in order we have someone other than us (so far it has been one of our moms each time) proofread it to make sure it makes sense and has correct grammar, punctuation, and stuff like that. We try to send out our magazine on the first or second of each month. Most of the pictures in the magazine we take ourselves, which means we really have done the crafts and hairstyles and stuff. Fto one theme we chose together. I will admit that some of us are FLorida Gator fans and one of us is a FLorida State Seminoles fan… so that may dictate some of our colors choices as we playfully tease each other about it. Or color choices, we all try to stick It is quite a task to make a magazine, but with God’s help we have managed to do it. “It is difficult to balance the magazine with school, chores, and other everyday stuff but it is worth it.” What we put in the special thanks section we really do mean Thanks!! We couldn’t make this happen without you! And even though we don’t put His name in the special thanks section of any issue of Th!nk magazine , we really do appreciate all that God has done for us. He has really made this magazine a success and has reached it to those who really need it. I am so glad that we are continuing to grow each month and have continued to make Th!nk better and better each issue.


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