About the Contest Winner

About the Contest Winner

Last month’s contest was to design your very own picnic blanket. On the blanket, we asked if you would put your talents on it. So here is some information about the winner.

It was hard to decide the winner of the contest so we decided to name both of them as winners. Aryn’s answers will be the first answers and Nina’s answers will be the last answers.

Names: Aryn- Nina

Where they live: In Safety Harbor, FL- In Palm Harbor, FL

Ages: 6 ½ – 8

Grades: 1st- 3rd

Favorite colors: Blue- Light purple, orange, and light green

Favorite animals: White Tiger- Dolphins

Favorite hobbies: Listening to music- playing dolls, and boogie boarding at the beach and pool

What instrument(s)do they play: None, but I wish I could the the ukulele- I like to sing

Some talents God has given them: I am great at hula hooping and at singing- I am good at singing.

What they want to be when they are older: A veterinarian – I want to be a soccer player.

Their pet(s): I have a pet hermit crab and beta fish- I have a dog.

Their brothers or sisters: I have a older sister(12) and a older brother(10)- I have a older brother(10) and sister(12).

Explain what is on your picnic blanket: My talents are drawing animals and hula hooping so that’s what I drew- A person singing.

A message from Aryn and Nina:

I think it is cool that my sister(Ainsley) has made this magazine with her friends. I love everything in it but my favorite page in Th!nk is the animal page( God’s Amazing Creation).Also, Nina and I are really good friends from church-. It’s really cool that my sister(Sara) and Ainsley and Grace have a website , and it’s fun doing the competitions. I am in most of the hairstyle pictures, and I like it when my sister does my hair (depending on the hairstyle).


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