September 2013 Monthly Survey & Results, Contest Page, Fun Holidays, and Announcements Page

August’s Survey Results:

Question:What was your favorite thing you did this summer?

50%Going on Vacation 50%Spending Time with Family

September’s Monthly Survey

To answer this month’s survey, email us the number you choose at: Or do it up above. Check back here next month to see the results.

September Contest Page

This month, we would like to see our readers’ works of art! You can draw a picture in color or in black and white. The winner will be drawn randomly and have their picture on the cover of October’s magazine. Next month’s contest will be to write a story that goes along with the winner’s picture. The artist of the winning picture will decide who did the best job. The winner will get their story published in our magazine. ,If you have any questions about the contest, please email us, the th!nk authors, at

Fun holidays:
This month is better breakfast month! What kind of breakfast do you usually have? How can you make it better? If you normally have oatmeal you could put raisins in it or my personal favorite… butter! If you normally have toast you could try putting peanut butter on it… or nutella!! Yummm!!!

The 8th is National Grandparents Day

The 9th is Teddy Bear Day… now you may think you’re too old for this, but how about you get your old teddy bears down from the closet and play with your younger sibling.

The 11th is Make Your Bed Day, congratulations to those of you who have this day every day….. those of you who don’t, try to make this a habit!!

The 12th is Chocolate Milkshake day!! Yummm!!!

The 13th is Positive Thinking Day!

The 15th is both Make A Hat Day and National Women’s Friendship Day!

The 16th is National Play doh Day.. again you may feel you are too old, but play doh is fun!

The 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrr, Mateys!

There are many more others at:

What will you do for these fun holidays??

Announcements Page

We are so close to reaching our goal of 50 subscribers. If you have friends who would like to subscribe or you think would like the magazine, either give us their email address, give them our email address and ask them to contact us, or ask them to subscribe on our website. If you are already subscribed, that’s great because you are automatically in a drawing to win a $5 gift card to Chic-Fil-A. If you are not subscribed you can still enter if you subscribe now. On the day we get our 50th subscriber, we will draw a name and email the person who won. Also, the winner and the 50th subscriber will both get to have a special shout out in the closest magazine to the drawing.


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