Life’s Instruction-S.O.A.P.

Life’s Instruction

This month, Th!nk is trying a few new things. Life’s Instruction is included as one of them. We are going to do something called S.O.A.P. which stands for Scripture, Observations, Application, and Prayer. You can do S.O.A.P. all in one day, or you can split it up throughout the day, or do multiple ones throughout the month. For me, it helps to write down everything on a piece of notebook paper or in a journal.

S: (scripture means the bible verse(s). You can pick out any verse you would like to focus on, or you can ask Th!nk for a suggestion for a verse to read.)

O: (observations means what you see in this verse that really stands out to you.If you read the verse multiple times throughout the day, that may help you to notice different things.)

A: (application means how it will help you today or in the future. So basically this means “what is God trying to tell you?” or “What is the meaning of this verse?”.)

P: (this one is the easiest for me, it’s prayer. For me it’s cool to write down the prayer so that the next time I look at the prayer(maybe a year or 2 later)I can see what God has done.)

I hoped you liked S.O.A.P. as much as the past Life Instruction’s. If this turns out well, we will probably switch between S.O.A.P. and the past Life’s Instructions. Please email Th!nk if you would like an example of S.O.A.P. or bible verse suggestion.


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