Have you ever been to Jamaica mon? Well our missionary for this month has. Her name is Olivia.She has been to Jamaica twice.She went with a group of people from Tampa, Florida, for God to use them in various activities. Read about her adventures!

TH!NK: What was your transportation like there?

We rode in buses and mini vans. In Jamaica it is very rare to see anyone wearing seat belts, which is scary as they

drive very fast on very narrow, curvy, dark roads, filled with potholes. Also, they cram several people in the vehicles. At one time we fit 16 people in a van made for 11 people. People who cannot afford a vehicle will rather walk or ride a donkey.

TH!NK: Did you try any interesting food while you were there?

Olivia: Yes, I ate goat one day for lunch. There were also several fruits and vegetables that we do not have here in America.

TH!NK: Did you like the food?

It was very difficult for us to get accustomed to Jamaican specialties. But was a nice treat when the family made us things that we were used to, like roasted corn and

potatoes. Some things were familiar, and other things were very hard for us to stomach.

TH!NK: What did you do in Jamaica?

We had two teams – each team held a week long

Vacation Bible School during the day for the children and had 3 nights of revival. We also took part in Sunday morning

services, a memorial service, a fundraising concert, and a

Jamaican Independence Day Celebration. I, specifically taught the 7-9 yr old class during VBS, and sang specials

in 3 of the services. I was able to make adjustments/repairs

on the soundboards at two of the churches as well as train the musicians on how to use them properly.

I also was able to lead a workshop with the local youth choir

who was preparing for a local Christian Singing Competition.

What was your favorite thing you did there?

Olivia: Speak with children about Jesus Christ. 13 children

from my class give their life to the Lord. I truly believe that if only one child’s life was changed – the

whole trip and all the efforts made towards it are completely worth it!

TH!NK: What were the biggest differences in the living conditions compared to here and there?

There was little to no running water. This meant that we had to fill a tank with water using a bucket in order to use the restroom. Also, if you wanted to take a bath you had to use buckets to pour water over yourself. (The water was sometimes cold rainwater that had been collected for us.) Also, there is no air condition in the homes.

Was it hard to understand the people there because of their accents?

Yes! While Jamaicans do have a heavy accent, the main problem was that most of them speak Patwa dialect.

Was there something you wish you could’ve done but couldn’t do there?

Olivia: I would have been interested in working with the people, not directly related to the church. Such as the poor, homeless, etc.

TH!NK: How long were you there?

Olivia: Seven full days, plus two days of traveling.

TH!NK: Are you planning on going back to Jamaica?
Olivia: I will go where the Lord leads! I have a heart for the people of Jamaica and miss the country dearly.


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