G.A.C.(God’s Amazing Creation)

G.A.C. (God’s Amazing Creation)


Scientific Name: Pseudoryx Nghetinhensis

Weight: 176-220 lbs

Life span: 8-11 years in the wild

Where They Live: Annamite Range of Vietnam and Laos

Discovered: May 1992

Pronounced: Sow-la


The Saola stands about 85 cm (about 33 inches) at the shoulder. The coat is a dark brown with a black stripe along the back. There are white stripes vertically across the cheeks, on the eyebrows and splotches on the nose and chin. All Saolas have slightly backward-curved horns, which grow half a meter in length.


Saolas are Critically Endangered. The estimate for how many Saolas left is 750, likely much less. To date, all known captive Saola have died, leading to believe that they cannot live in captivity

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