Crafty Corner

Crafty Corner

How to make your own table decoration

You will need:

Paint brush(a small one)

soda can(dried)

acrylic paint(any color)

paper plate

First, take an empty soda can. It doesn’t matter if it’s used or not. If you want to, you can take the opener part thing off or leave it on(I prefer to leave it on). Make sure that the soda can has no more soda in it(you may need to dry it out for a day).

Next, when your soda can is dry, take your paper plate and put a squirt of any color of acrylic paint on it(you may need to use more later). Use your paintbrush to put a layer of acrylic paint on your can.

Now here comes the most boring part of painting, waiting.

When your can is dry, put another layer of the same color on your can(other colors like yellow and orange may need a couple more coats than other colors).

Wait until it dries.

Now you get to decide what you want to paint. Pick a different color to go on top of your original color. Then you can make whatever lines and shapes you like.I like to do polka-dots but I think it would be cool to do stripes.

Let the can dry.

Now you have a beautiful, easy table decoration. In my can I have fake flowers, but this is YOUR can so you decide.

Happy crafting!


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