Pet Tricks

photo by photostock and

photo by photostock and

Pet tricks:
‘Shake’ or ‘High five’ as my family calls it, is a fun and fairly easy trick you can teach your pet. It is also a fun thing to do when your pet meets new people, better than jumping on them at least.
1. First put your pet into the sit position and kneel in front of him/her.
2. Holding a treat in one hand, put the other one (your right hand is good) out in front of you and say ‘shake’ or high five’ whichever you prefer. When you first begin training your pet to do this you will need to grab your pet’s paw with the hand not holding the treats to teach him/her to lift their paw and put it on your hand.
3. Now repeat step two over and over again until your pet gets it, it may take a few different training sessions but eventually your pet will do it without you asking him/her to right after you tell he/she to sit.


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