Life’s Application

In this story, read about a girl named Lily who finds how she can use her talents to help others. After reading the story, we have provided some questions that goes along with this story.
“What’s wrong Lily?” Lily’s mom asked. “I don’t understand! Rachel makes it look so easy! I’m trying to be like her since you said she was a good person but I just can’t do it! Now she has been writing fun stories for kids at an orphanage. I can’t think of any fun stories for the kids!” close to tears Lily paused. Her mom thought a moment. “Remember when you came home from Bible study? You said that the topic for that day was using your gifts and talents. Right?,” Lily’s mom asked. “Yeah,” Lily said slowly, “Why do you ask?”. “Well, I remember that it was specifically using your talents and gifts.. That doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to use someone else’s gifts that you don’t have. God has gifted Rachel with the talent of writing. and he has given you different gifts. Rachel’s example is a good to follow, you just need to use your gifts, not Rachel’s,.” her mom replied. Lily thought about these words, they made sense. Besides, she wasn’t about to try another story that wouldn’t be any good. “What do you think I should do then?” she asked her mom. “Well I think that you enjoy playing with little kids, right?” Lily’s mom asked. “Yes! They’re so cute!” Lily replied quickly .”Well then how about you go over to the Anderson’s house and offer to entertain Lizzie and Bella so Mrs. Anderson can make dinner. It would be a big help since Mr. Anderson injured his foot and she is stuck at home. You can even take some of the cookies I baked earlier,” Lily’s mom suggested. Soon Lily, skipping happily out the door, took a plate full of chocolate chip cookies going to the Anderson’s house.

• What are you good at?
• How could you use your talents for God and others?
• What other talents have you seen God give others?
• How can you be a ‘big help’ to others?
• What other things could you try?


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