About the Contest Winner

photo by digitalart and freedidgitalphotos.net

photo by digitalart and freedidgitalphotos.net

For the month of July, our contest was to draw something beach themed. So here’s some information about the winner.The picture that she drew is fantastic and was on our front cover!

Name: Abigail Boyd
Where she lives: “I live on my family farm in the middle of nowhere.”
Age: “I just turned 11.”
Grade (going into): “I am going into 6th grade.”
Favorite color: “I love the colors red, green, or black.”
Favorite animal: “My favorite animal is the mongoose.”
Favorite hobby: “I love listening to rock music, and of course, drawing.
What instrument(s) she plays: “I play the guitar and the piano, and I’d like to take drum lessons.”
Some talents God has given her: “I am a very good speaker, and I have won many speaking awards.”
What she wants to be when she is older: “I’d be thrilled if I went to law school and became a lawyer.”
Her pet(s): I have about 30 chickens, 1 dog, 5 fish, and a mouse of my very own, plus, I live surrounded by thousands of beef cattle.”
Her Brothers or sisters: “I have 1 brother, Grayson, and 2 sisters, Maggie and Finley. I am the oldest.”
A message from Abigail…
“If you are doing a picture for a drawing contest, work on more than one drawing, and see which one you like best. For instance, I chose between a picture of someone playing volleyball on the beach, and the dolphin picture you see on the front page. It also helps to choose a picture to copy.


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