Tasty Turn

photo by pakorn and freedidgitalphotos.net

photo by pakorn and freedidgitalphotos.net

Make your own tasty ice cubes

This is a really simple and easy idea that is delicious for hot summer days.

1. Take an ice cube tray (Any kind really. You can find trays that have molds in different shapes.) And fill it with any kind of drink. It can be anything from soda to juice.
2. All you do next is put them in a freezer and wait until they are all the way frozen.
3. Then, when your ice cubes are frozen, pop them out of the tray and enjoy them. You can eat them on their own or try putting them in other drinks.

Here are some of our ideas:
● Use pink lemonade(great to drink with Sprite or 7up)
● Use Pepsi (this is my favorite one so far. If you do this the ice cubes will expand in size)
● Use water and put lemon juice in it
● Use different flavors of Gatorade
● Use orange juice(I would prefer eating it by itself)
● Use raspberry tea or sweet tea

Tell us what different combinations you make at thinkauthors@gmail.com


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