August 2013 News

photo by digitalart and

photo by digitalart and

You won’t want to miss out on next month’s magazine.
We are close to reaching our goal of 50 subscribers. We have over 30 subscribers. So thank you everyone for everything you do.

Special thanks to the th!nk Authors moms!They have helped us a lot with editing. Also thank you to all the websites that let us use their information!

The September 2013 Issue of Th!nk Magazine will include:

How to throw your own party
How to make a table decoration
Learn about the saola

Don’t forget…

Your picnic designs are due by the 21st of August
To do the Monthly Survey
Look at the Fun Holidays and see when the next one is

Mission for the month…
Try something new. Whether it’s a sport or food, or an instrument or a game.


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