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photo by nuchylee and

photo by nuchylee and

~ make your own shell candle!!

You will need:
● A shell (about the size of your hand. Without any holes)
● Access to a sink
● Tea light candle
● Access to a microwave
● Access to hot pads

First you are going to need a shell, one about the size of your hand is good but any size will be okay as long as it is not too small. Your shell should not have any holes, especially in the bottom. Once you have your shell, you will need to rinse it out to get any sand and other things that might be in or on it out.
Dry it.
Now, putting your shell aside, you will need to get the tea light candle. (You could use two or three already used ones, like the ones you might have used for your can candles you made last month.) You will need to make sure to remove the metal part of the candle before you put it in the microwave. You cannot skip this step! Don’t forget to take off the metal!!
Put the candle(s) in the upside down shell. (Make sure there is NO metal on the candle(s) whatsoever)!!)
Make sure the wick is standing up.
Now (making sure there is NO metal on the candle(s)) put the shell with the candle in the microwave for 2 minutes, checking on it every now and then.
Once the candle is completely melted or at least near it, you can take it out using hot pads and put it on something (like the cool stove) that is okay to have something hot on it (or you could place another hot pad underneath it.)
Now you will need to let it sit for about thirty minutes so it can dry and harden.
Now you’re ready to light your candle, you may want to have an adult help. This candle is great for your home or for a gift.

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